background-color: transparent; The Magnificent Cover – The Godless Trilogy
Christopher Monteagle  

The Magnificent Cover

Every now and then, life gives you a little thrill – and then a big thrill – and it was most certainly the latter I felt when I got to see my cover for the first time. It really is a wonderful job and I’m very happy with the work of the team on this. Take a look below kids – this is what happens when you leave the house with the central heating on.

The release date is now set for August 19 and things are getting very exciting now.

(and I’m kidding about the central heating kids. It’s not dangerous to leave on, just really, really expensive.)

The Union of Lies

The Second Instalment of The Godless Trilogy

Valeyn - daughter of the last two gods in the world - has abandoned all she loves in hope of starting a new life. Yet enemies relentlessly hunt her, determined to force the new god to choose a side in the escalating war between her mad parents.

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